Dishes & Laundry

I’m feeling a little compulsion over my obsessions today. So, I thought I would post some de-cluttering by repurpose. Don’t throw that ladder or rake just yet. Okay, you don’t have a 6ft ladder laying around? Check out these other ideas for reusing what was otherwise junk.

About that rake… just remove handle, lace and tie cording through hole and hang on wall. If there’s no hole, then use to small bracket hangers. Next, add jewelry!



Not just for ice cubes anymore! Besides freezing juices, soup stock, sauces, use then for little snack trays for the kids. Makes a cool party idea.


it shutters me to catch this! Just add some clothes pins or clips and you can catch your mail, keys, grocery list and coupons, whatever.



Limited on space? Maybe you just have a wooden rung ladder laying around? Told you there would be a ladder. Paint to your liking, then suspend from the ceiling. Hang some hooks over rungs and viola!



Finally a way to really recycle those cans! I like the blueberry cans!



Keep just about anything paper, organized! Makes a great arts and crafts tote or file holder.



And yet another excellent reuse of tin cans!



Cute shelving idea. Reuse those old dresser drawers.





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