Man Cave

Sorry ladies… this one is for the boys! Support the idea and you could be invited into the man cave one day.


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1. Television

Every man cave needs a large flat screen TV to watch the latest sporting and entertainment events and to play video games on. When choosing the television for your space, be sure to look for one with high definition for the most realistic experience possible.

2. Gaming System

Regardless of the gaming system you prefer, you’ll need all of the components to make it enjoyable. This includes the console, enough controllers for friends and, if possible, a surround sound stereo system to make the games come to life.

3. Seating

Every man needs his own reclining chair where he can sit back and relax. If you’re going out in search of one, look for a chair that’s upholstered in leather. A leather recliner not only looks great, but it makes cleaning up spills an easy job. As for your friends, they’ll need seating as well. An oversized couch with cup holders and a few bar stools should provide enough seating to enjoy any man cave.

4. Personal Pieces

To make your man cave a success, you’ll need some wall art to complete the design. Posters of favorite films, TV shows, sports teams, automobiles or whatever you’re into will not only personalize the space but add some color to the room.

5. Poker Table

If you enjoy playing cards, a poker table with all the fixings is a definite necessity. You’ll need poker chips, decks of cards, a proper poker table and seating for players.


6. Pool Table

A typical pool table requires enough space to move around comfortably with cue in hand. If your man cave doesn’t have the square footage for a standard pool table, consider buying a smaller game version.

7. Dart Board

As with a game of pool, you’ll need enough space in your man cave to play darts. Decide on the best spot in the room to hang your board and then arrange your furniture with game space in mind.

8. Refrigerator

Since a man cave is a place to withdraw from daily stress, your space will need a refrigerator so you won’t have to go in search of cold beverages once you’re there. A full size refrigerator works best if you often have friends over. But if you don’t have the space or budget for a standard fridge, consider a smaller bar version.

9. Indoor Grill

A man and his BBQ is the perfect combination. A tabletop grill that can be used to barbecue inside while watching the game is convenient and there are many sizes and styles available.

10. Storage

Finally, to keep your man cave organized you’ll need enough storage for all your…stuff. Whether it’s records, books or gadgets, you can use inexpensive items like milk crates to make shelving or consider buying a seating piece like an ottoman that doubles as a storage unit. Whatever you choose, be sure it has the right style for your space.

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