Get Ready For Spring!

Get ready for Spring!

Roof and Gutters
􀂅 Inspect roof for loose, damaged, missing shingles
􀂅 Check soffit for signs of moisture build-up
􀂅 Check flashing for lifting, poor seals
􀂅 Clean, check gutters & downspouts for wear
􀂅 Check chimney for loose masonry, cracked mortar, signs of smoke, water leaks
􀂅 Check caulking, flashing around skylights, plumbing vents, roof vents, etc.
􀂅 Check, treat for roof moss.
􀂅 Check condition of roof-top TV antennas, guy wires.


Porch, patio and deck
􀂅 Check exterior lights
􀂅 Check for earth-to-wood contact
􀂅 Add slip-proof strips to steps and other slippery spots
􀂅 Power wash wooden decks
􀂅 Tighten screws, clean wooden decks
􀂅 Apply wood-conditioner/sealer and UV protection to decks

Exterior walls & plumbing
􀂅 Remove Styrofoam in foundation vents
􀂅 Open exterior water bibs
􀂅 Remove Styrofoam hoods from exterior water bibs
􀂅 Check for missing, loose siding
􀂅 Check for deteriorating finishes; paint any bare patches
􀂅 Caulk joints & minor cracks
􀂅 Remove earth-to-wood contact
􀂅 Uncover, clean air conditioner(s)

Yard chores
􀂅 Prune trees, shrubs, roses
􀂅 Clean lawn mower & garden tools
􀂅 Clean, reattach hoses and sprinklers

􀂅 Check storm & other drains
􀂅 Check foundation for proper drainage (use hose)
􀂅 Check gutter downspouts for proper drainage (use hose)

􀂅 Check insulation for wind action at soffit vents
􀂅 Check insulation for adequate depth
􀂅 Check vent openings for nests or other blockages
􀂅 Check heat-sensitive switch on attic fan
􀂅 Seal around attic stairways and pull-down stair hatches
􀂅 Unseal whole-house fans

Crawl space
􀂅 Check water pipes for leaks, insulation
􀂅 Check duct work for leaks, insulation
􀂅 Check for and seal cracks, leaks in walls or floor
􀂅 Check status of vapor barrier
􀂅 Check foundation insulation
􀂅 Replace OMNIFILTER, Whole House (T01)

􀂅 Check smoke detectors
􀂅 Uninstall storm windows, if previously removed
􀂅 Clean “weep holes” at bottom of storm windows, if so equipped
􀂅 Clean, lubricate windows and sliding glass door channels
􀂅 Reattach awnings, etc — especially from south-facing windows
􀂅 Vacuum heating ducts & vents

Garage & driveway
􀂅 Check garage door seals: top, sides, bottom
􀂅 Seal driveway, sidewalk cracks. Silicone/rubber compound for narrow cracks; mortar or patching cement to seal wide cracks

Sources: American Red Cross, FEMA.

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