Small Space & Container Gardening

With Spring approaching here, it’s time to start thinking about gardening. I live in an apartment, but have some space outside such as a patio and small flower bed which I will be putting to good use. I’m incorporating container gardening into the plan this year and thought I would share some of my favorites as far ideas. Although I will be purchasing some used containers, I hope to re-purpose some other items as well.

Starting off seedlings can be done in a snap with these brilliant ideas

Newspaper pots


Soda bottle pots


Metal Cans


Over the door shoe organizer


Rain boots




Ice buckets or small trash cans


Cinder blocks


Pantry shelf


Gallon bottles


5-gallon buckets


Get fancy and create some art with plastic bottles


Potting soil bag garden




Lets not forget pots!

The ideas are endless. You can reuse about anything and produce a beautiful garden in very little space.