Cupcakes for the gardener in your life


These fun cupcakes are ideal for anyone who loves guarding or just loves the look of what a garden can produce. The silicone ‘pots’ are now widely available from cook shops. Lakeland in the UK has stocked them for a awhile. You can slip a paper case inside the silicone if you want to (especially if you giving these as a hostess gift and want to take your silicone ones home).

My inspiration, as so often when it comes to cupcakes, comes from the wonderful Australian baker, Elise Strachan,who has one of THE best YouTube channels around. Search mycakeaddiction and you’ll find her represented on every social media.

I made chocolate brownie cupcakes in the Thermomix, baked in the silicone pots, dipped in softened chocolate spread ( Thermomix owners can make their own and reduce the sugar 🙂

Then it’s up to you which fruit, vegetable or garden bug you…

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